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Project for Technical Assistance in Solid Waste Management

Project for Technical Assistance in Solid Waste Management in Palestine started

Since late 1990s, Palestine and Japan have continuously cooperated for improving solid waste management in Palestine; the 1st phase Grant Aid Project (1999), Technical cooperation project in Jericho and Jordan Valley, the 2nd phase Grant Aid Project (2007), and the 3rd phase Grant Aid Project (2013).

Present Technical cooperation project titled “Technical Assistance in Solid Waste Management in Palestine” was planned for supporting capacity development of MoLG and relevant authority in solid waste management policies, standards, guidelines and plans which will be applied across JSCs in the West Bank and all over Palestine. In the proposed Project, five JSCs (Tubas, Qalqiliya, Nablus, Northeast & Southeast Jerusalem, and Northwest & North Jerusalem) will be targeted for capacity strengthening program to equalize the level of SWM services by JSCs in Palestine. These activities will be conducted under the National Strategy for SWM.

One of the uniqueness of the Project is to utilize the local resources in Palestine as “Local Expert Team” (LET) composed of Palestinian experts who were fostered by previous projects of JICA and other donors.?LET will work together with JICA Expert Team for capacitating five JSCs in cooperation with MoLG?(Fig.2). It is expected to establish a?self-support system in Palestine for continuous improvement of JSCs service deliveries after the completion of the Project.



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