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  Annual Report2013
  Starategic Plan 2010
  Strategic Plan-Implementation Matrix for the Years 2013-2014
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Good Local Governance able to achieve sustainable development with effective community participation


 A pioneering ministry working on building the Local Bodies capacities of local government units and enhancing their resources, to enable them achieve the welfare of their citizens/ constituencies within the framework of good local governance.

Strategies" purposes":

1. Enabling Local Bodies to possess effective institutional capabilities.

2. Raising the efficiency of the Ministry to perform its tasks of planning, oversight and guidance in Local Governance sector.

3. Achieving a great deal of democracy, transparency and community participation in Local Governance Sector.

4. Promoting the concept of partnership between Local Bodies and both Private and Public Sectors to contribute to a local development and financial independence.



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Our ministry is to open the doors to all the views and complaints of citizens in all over the country......More

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