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تغيير لغة الموقع 


  Annual Report2013
  Starategic Plan 2010
  Strategic Plan-Implementation Matrix for the Years 2013-2014
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Minister of Local Goverment

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Dr. Hussein A. Al-A'raj

Date of Birth: 26/01/2951

Nationality: Palestenian

Martial status: Married


-  Phd, Public Administration, Glasgow University, UK-1989.

MPA, Public Administration, Roosevelt University,U.S.A-1981.

BS.C, Public Administration, Jordanian University,Jordan-1976.

-   Tawjihi Certificate, Palestine-1972.



-         President office, Chief of Staff, presidency.

-         President of General Personnel Council, Palestine, 2010.

-         Governor of Hebron, Palestine 2007-2010.

-         Senior advisor/Local Government, CHF, USAID 2006-2007.

-         Deputy Minister of Local Government, Palestine 1994-2005.

-         Al-Quds Open University, Jerusalem, Palestine 1991-1993.

-         Najah University, Nablus, Palestine 1981-1991.

-         Royal Scientific Society, Amman, Jordan 1976-1978.

  Other activities:

-         Vice President of Higher Council For Innovation and excellence

-         Secretary General of the higher committee of the local election.

-         Vice President of the board of the trustees, Arab American University- Jenin.

-         Vice President of the staff Union, Najah University.

-         Chairman of the Labor Technical Committee-Jerusalem.

-         Member of the board of the trustees, Al-Quds Open University, Jerusalem.

-         Member of the Commission on Elections and local governance .

-         Acting mayor, the city of Nablus.

 Books and Articles:

-         Local Government in Palestinian and Arab world.

-         Many articles in the field of administration and local government.

  Conferences and Seminars:

-         Many of Conferences and Seminars on the international, regional and national levels during the past years in the fields of administrative development, planning, privatization, building institutions, public and local administration an other related fields.  





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