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  Annual Report2013
  Starategic Plan 2010
  Strategic Plan-Implementation Matrix for the Years 2013-2014
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Expensive living 2020

High cost of living allowance for the year 2019

Financial closing functions for the end of 2019

Veterinarians allowance

General Procedures No. 2 of 1953 and its amendments

Budget report for 2019 for local bodies

Budget report for 2019

Instructions on the value of excellent work for engineers working in local bodies

Instructions on the Local Authorities Staff Regulation No. (7) of 2009

Instructions on the value of risk premium for engineers employed in local bodies

Instructions on risk premium for veterinarians in local bodies

Disciplinary sanctions against employees of local bodies

Circulation on the provisions of the Public Procurement Law and the regulations related to its implementation

Instructions regarding the disbursement of the financial rights of employees of the local bodies joining the Retirement Authority for the purpose of purchasing years of service

Decision on the implementation of the system of local staff

Circular on the system of retirement of municipal employees

Exchange financial rewards to members of the administrative board of the Joint Service Councils standards

Engineers risk premium

Instructions relating to the implementation of the provisions of the staff of local bodies in 2009

Instructions concerning the correction of the local bodies to their positions in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Act of 2010



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