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  Annual Report2013
  Starategic Plan 2010
  Strategic Plan-Implementation Matrix for the Years 2013-2014
  Guidlines for heads and members of local government units2012
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Amendment of the tail of the Law of Crafts and Industries No. 16 of 1953 and its amendments

Legislative Decree No. (21) for the year 2017 on the Regulation of Cities and Villages Law, 1966

On the number of members of councils of local bodies with a Christian population

Amendment of the Local Council Elections Law

Development Fund and lending to local bodies

On the number of members of councils of local bodies with a Christian population

Fund, lending to local bodies

qanun alttaqaeud almadani lisanat 1959

Amendment acquisition law No. 2 of 1953

Act local bodies No. 1 of 1997 , as amended

Presidential Decree No. ( ) for the year 2016 on the amendment of the Law on Local bodies

Project sheet cabarets local bodies system fees

System of signs and advertisements in the local authority for 1997

Electricity Act of 2009

Law on local authorities for 1997

Acquisition law of 1953

Pension law for 2005

Law on Election of the local bodies for 2005

Crafts and Industries law of 1953

Land Tax Law 1955

Law regulating the cities, villages and buildings, 1966

Professions law 1966 permits

Act to amend Pension law's 2007 General

Law amending some provisions of the Law on Election of Local Councils for 2005

law amending the Law on Local Authorities for 2008



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